Role of coppice forests in maintaining forest biodiversity

TitleRole of coppice forests in maintaining forest biodiversity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsVacik H., Zlatanov T., Trajkov P., Dekanic S.
JournalSilva Balcanica
Type of ArticleArticle
Keywordsconservation management, Conversion, Coppice forests, Forest management practices, Natura 2000, species diversity, species richness
Tagsconservation management, species richness, Species diversity, Conversion, Coppice forests, Natura 2000, forest management practices

This contribution gives an overview about forest diversity of coppice forests in general and describes the plant species richness, stand structure and protection status by means of examples from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia. There is a trend of decreasing tree species richness observed in coppice forests in several countries in Central and South Eastern Europe, which is considered as one of the main shortcomings of this management approach, both historically as well as in recent years. On the other hand coppice forest management can maintain and improve the characteristic habitats and levels of forest diversity. In this context the overall conversion of coppice forests to high forests and/or the strict protection of sites could lead to a loss of forest diversity in the long run. The authors conclude that there is still lack of information and knowledge regarding the importance of coppice forests in maintaining forest diversity at various levels.

Refereed DesignationRefereed

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