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Biodiversity research of the last 15 years could demonstrate that multiple functions and services of an ecosystem are influenced by the number of species within this system. Most of these findings, however, are based on research within grassland systems. So science has to make the next big step and address those ecosystems that control a good portion of the carbon, nutrient and water balances of the earth: the forests. ...

Effects of tree species richness and composition on moose winter browsing and selectivity

Mammalian herbivores play important role in forest regeneration. Selective browsing by moose and deer on saplings of preferred tree species may have considerable impact on tree species survival and species composition of naturally regenerated stands. On the other hand, in many countries across Europe game production is an important ecosystem service and ability of forests to support sufficient densities of game such as deer, moose and wild boar is of economic importance as well. Therefore, it is important to know how mammalian herbivores select the patches of forest where they feed and how,...

Functional diversity and functional identity determine carbon storage and tree productivity in Spanish forests

Biodiversity loss could reduce primary productivity and carbon storage provided by forests. Thus, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships (BEF) are an important topic in ecology and have been broadly studied during the last decades. However, the underpinning mechanisms of biodiversity effects on multiple forest functions are not completely understood. Two non-exclusive mechanisms of the effects of diversity have been proposed: the complementarity effect (i.e. functionally diverse forests could enhance resource use efficiency and nutrient retention through niche partitioning and...

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The overall scientific goal of FunDivEUROPE is to quantify the effects of forest biodiversity on ecosystem functions and services in major European forest types.

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